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Parish and Eparchial News:

Blessing of homes After the Great Blessing of Water, the faithful may drink some of the newly-blessed Jordan water, and take some home for use in blessings, or to give to anyone who is ill during the year. After Theophany, pastors usually bless the homes of the faithful, using the Jordan water blessed in church.  Please see Fr. Stepan in order to schedule a visit. 

Cake and Coffee Fellowship Please join us in the parish center after the Liturgy on January 27th.

Saint Nicholas Breakfast  Thanks to everyone who came out to enjoy food and fellowship, and especially thanks to the hospitality committee for cooking  wonderful breakfast for everyone. 

Saint Michael’s Day Festival was held November 11, 2018.  Please see our Facebook page for more photos. Thanks to everyone who worked to make it a huge success.

Parish Records: Please be sure to fill out the census form in the 11/11/18 Bulletin so we can update our membership records for every family and individual.  Download these pages Parish Census p 1,  Parish Census p 2 or see Fr. Stepan if you need a copy.

Please remember to pledge for the 2018 Annual Bishop’s Appeal. Pledge online or with the envelope you received in the mail.

+Barry J Mondichak passed away on November 1st.  The Office of Christian Burial with Divine Liturgy was celebrated on November 5th.

Recent Baptism (Mysteries of Initiation)  We congratulate Myla Ann Parker who is receiving the sacraments of initiation on August 12th in Allentown! May God grant His newly enlightened servant Myla many happy and blessed years!


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+ Father Yuri Vischak, who was to be the pastor at our parishes, passed away in Ukraine in June. We pray for his soul and for his family at this time of grief and great loss

Grant, O Lord, eternal rest to your departed priest servant Father Yuri and remember him forever. Vicnaja jemu pamjat!





Family or Individual Portraits  Complimentary family, group or individual photographs available by appointment. Pictures can be added to a private section of the website for an  eventual online Parish Directory. Files will be available free to have prints made. Please see our Cantor Will Komnath for more information.


Volunteers and Parish Action Committees:

Cleaners: We need volunteers to help clean the church, basement, center and classrooms each week.  

Facility Services Committee – General upkeep, basic painting, maintenance.  Please see Bill Komnath if you are interested. We will begin to develop a maintenance plan for the church buildings.  

Having gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let us use them.  (Romans 12:6)

Singers:  Add  your voice in melody or harmony with the cantor. Not a formal choir and reading music is not a necessity. 

Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom, teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord.  (Colossians 3:16)

Readers: Anyone interested in reading or learning to chant the Epistle. Men, women or children of any age; no experience needed.    Readers Course Video 1,   Readers Course Video 2

Rosary Society –  Volunteers needed to lead the praying the Rosary before the Liturgy on Sundays. Just come to church 30 minutes before the Liturgy to pray the Rosary out loud for the intention that God would bless our parish, bring about a renewal at Saint Michael’s, and help us meet the challenges ahead according to His will. Rosary booklets are available for everyone.

The foundation of every good work is prayer. Jesus said, “Without me you can do nothing.” Jesus acts in our lives and inspires us to do good largely through an active life of prayer.

Altar Servers – We are  looking for any male who would be willing to help as an altar server with preparing the censor and opening and closing the side doors of the icon screen during the Liturgy.

Parish Building  Renovation Project:

To make a secured, tax deductible donation through PayPal please simply click the Donate button in the left in the sidebar.

The project is currently scheduled to begin in spring 2019.  Please see Janice Kavounas to join the finance committee as we work on fundraising projects including the Applebee’s Flapjack Breakfast.

Saint Michael Parish Meeting concerning Construction
Church Repair Proposal

Parishioner Vote Results:

        Option A  – Basic repair (drainage, tower)                                                                20

        Option B  – Full repair (all A plus full excavation,reconstructing walls, sidewalks)    5
        Option C –  Unable  to support either                                                                        7
                        ​Two votes for option A but suggest we also fix the cross and dome.​

Note: The refinishing of the rectory basement has been cancelled, reducing the project cost by $30.000.

A donor who wishes to remain anonymous contributed $10,000 to the construction needed on the church.

Gift Cards Fundraiser Retailers where you shop donate money to our church!We have begun a new program with a great opportunity to  help our parish simply by shopping with Gift Cards purchased through our church.  ANYBODY can join our scrip program simply by going to the website, click enroll, and  entering  our enrollment code 4E85BLFF48759.   If you link up to prestopay, the money will come directly out of your bank account instead of  having to bring a check or cash to church.  See Janice Kavounas, Sandra Brink or Jennie Komnath for details.

We want to hear from you!

Parish Survey –   word-document-icon-mdThere’s still time to fill out this short survey and  email it back, or print out a copy and give it to the one of the ushers, the cantor, or Father.  Please return it as soon as you can so results can be compiled and we can better serve our parish and parishioners.

Please take time to fill out this survey for Metropolitan William in preparation of the 2018 Synod.


Documenting the history of our church music – how you can help

The Metropolitan Cantor Institute is working with the Byzantine Catholic Seminary Library to put together material to document the history of the liturgical music of the Byzantine Catholic Church, both plain chant and choral music. Please consider contributing to these two efforts:

In early 2018, we will also be distributing images of particular pieces of music or other memorabilia we would like to find or identify.



Thanks to the Kushner and Hoffman families for their donation of a new Altar Gospel Book for use during the Divine Liturgy and other services. It is donated in memory of Rose Hoffman.  

We also have a new cadillo (censer) for use in the Divine Liturgy for burning incense. It was purchased by an offering from Lois Brink and family. They offer it in memory of Lois’s husband Harold R. Brink Jr. We thank them for their generosity in memorializing this liturgical item.  May the memory of the servants of God, Rose and Harold, be eternal.

Glory to Jesus Christ! Glory Forever!

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