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Holy Father Francis,                    Benedict XVI, Roman                            Bishop of Rome                             Pontiff Emeritus 





Most Reverend William C. Skurla, Metropolitan  Archbishop


Bishop Kurt Portrait


Most Reverend Kurt Burnette, Bishop


Our parish is part of the Eparchy of Passaic under the Archeparchy of Pittsurgh. We are often called Byzantine or Eastern Catholic.  “Eastern Catholic” refers to the autonomous, self-governing Catholic Churches that have their roots in the Christian East. They are equal to Roman Catholics and are in full communion with the Holy Father, the Pope.

While most Catholics only think of the Catholic Church as being comprised of the “Roman Catholic” Church, there are in fact almost 20 different churches which comprise the Catholic Church. The largest and best known of those churches is the Roman Catholic Church. However the next largest church within the Catholic Church is the Byzantine Church.


Two Different Traditions – One Catholic Church 


The Eastern Catholic FAQ


Byzantine Catholic and other Eastern Catholic Churches

Byzantine Catholics (also known as “Greek Catholics”) are canonically organized into eparchies (dioceses) and exarchates (mission dioceses). Historically, such jurisdictions had been defined geographically and this is still the norm and the goal.  At this site you will find a complete listing of Byzantine Catholic and other Eastern and Oriental Catholic jurisdictions for North America including the Melkite Greek Catholic Church, as well as limited information on each of the other Byzantine Churches which have a pastoral presence in North America, but for which no hierarchical structure presently exists. Also see this introduction.

Byzantine Catholic Multimedia

Click HERE for a multimedia Introduction to the Byzantine Catholic Church.

Another video reviewing the Liturgies can be found HERE.

Introduction to Byzantine Divine Liturgy

Mass Times  Search Mass Times to find Catholic worship times, mapped locations, and parish contact information. The Mass Times database/directory contains information 

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