First Time Visitors

Welcome to our parish and thank you for joining us in our worship of the Lord. Here are some things you can expect when you come to our church. 


Our Church building – We are part of the Catholic Church in the Byzantine tradition.  You will see beautiful stained glass windows, an icon screen between the nave and the sanctuary, and icons behind the altar and on the ceiling.  The icon screen is not a barrier but a reminder that we have access to heaven only through Jesus Christ.  The icon screen depicts Christ the teacher, Mary the Mother of God, Saint Michael patron of our church and Saint Nicholas patron of the Byzantine Catholic Church. 

The Service Our Sunday service is called the Divine Liturgy and usually last about an hour or could be slightly longer.  You can follow along in the pew books; sections are posted on the hymn board. Incense is used to represent our prayers ascending to heaven. 

Dress CodeWhile there is no official dress code of the Church, we are mindful that we are in the real presence of our Lord and try to dress appropriately. 

The SoundOur services are all sung from start to finish. The  pew books as well as the hymnals contain all the words and the music for you to sing along.  Occasionally we will have a hymn or prayer sung in the traditional language of our eastern churches – Old Church Slavonic.  Samples of our Liturgies can be found HERE

Children – are encouraged to participate along with their parents. We also encourage children to come up to the pulpit when the Gospel is read.  As an eastern church, children receive communion at baptism and children of all ages receive communion.

Holy Communion All Catholics who are properly disposed are welcome to receive the Divine Eucharist. Because Catholics believe that the celebration of the Eucharist is a sign of the reality of the oneness of faith, life, and worship, members of the churches with whom we are not yet fully united are ordinarily not permitted to receive the Divine Eucharist. The body and blood of our Lord are administered under both species of consecrated the bread and wine on a small spoon.

Restrooms and a changing table are located in the basement.

FellowshipOnce a month we will have refreshments such as coffee and cake following the Liturgy in our Parish Center. Please join us!

For those in need we recommend the Allentown Rescue Mission 355 W Hamilton St. P.O. Box 748  Allentown PA 18105-0748  (610) 740-5500  Contact e-mail address:

If you have any questions please see any usher, the cantor or our pastor. 

Please check out the Catholic Church tab to learn more about our church.

Glory to Jesus Christ! Glory Forever!

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