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Photo: Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I of Constantinople embraces newly enthroned Pope Francis after his inaugural Mass in Rome on March 19, 2013.

Title Created Date
Saint's relics discovered intact in rubble of Syrian monastery destroyed by Islamic State 2016-04-05
Pope may visit Greece to meet with migrants facing return to Turkey 2016-04-05
Ukrainian Greek Catholics welcome statement on 1946 ‘synod’ 2016-04-05
Palestinian police arrest Syrian Orthodox prelate 2016-04-04
Pope announces special collection for Ukraine 2016-04-04
Moscow Patriarchate to host international conference on persecution of Christians 2016-03-31
Lord Sacks decries 'ethnic cleansing' of Christians in Middle East 2016-03-30
Bishop Borys (Gudziak) about attacks in Belgium 2016-03-24
The Head of the UGCC on Sunday of Orthodoxy: “Great Fasting is a time of an open heaven” 2016-03-24
Patriarch Louis Raphael I: Iraqis must unite against ISIS 2016-03-24
Convert to Christianity murdered in Bangladesh; ISIS claims responsibility 2016-03-24
Russian Orthodox Patriarch condemns 'heresy' of a right to sinful behavior 2016-03-23
Saudis nurture Islamic radicals in Europe, Syrian bishop warns 2016-03-23
2016 Paschal Letter of Patriarch Gregorios III 2016-03-23
Latin Catholic Patriarch of Jerusalem: US finding of genocide against Christians comes too late 2016-03-22
Pope May Visit Armenia in June, Vatican Says 2016-03-22
Syrian prelate: US helped create ‘jihadist monster’ 2016-03-22
Patriarch Bartholomew underlines importance of worldwide Synod 2016-03-21
Israel: Christians concerned by government restrictions on Easter Vigil 2016-03-21
The Council of Kharkiv-Poltava Eparchy of UAOC (renewed) to determine ways of reuniting the Orthodox and Greek Catholics 2016-03-19
Ecumenical patriarch: struggle against materialism during Lent 2016-03-19
Paschal Message 2016 of Bishop NICHOLAS (SAMRA) 2016-03-19
80% of Syrian Christians support Assad, says bishop 2016-03-17
Iraqi president: Christians are nation’s ‘original members’ 2016-03-16
Chaldean Catholic Patriarch disavows Christian militia 2016-03-15
Ukrainian Orthodox body says Soviets suppressed Catholics for supporting Nazis 2016-03-14
Syrian Orthodox Patriarch hopeful that refugees will retain Orthodox culture 2016-03-12
Russian Orthodox official says major differences with Vatican remain 2016-03-12
Greece legalizes cremation despite Orthodox opposition 2016-03-12
Kyiv Patriarchate on Lviv Pseudo Synod of 1946: We are well aware of our brothers’ pain 2016-03-11
Poroshenko discussed with Bartholomew the establishment of one united Ukrainian Orthodox Church 2016-03-11
Prelate laments US Catholic silence on Middle East wars 2016-03-11
Bishop Hlib (Lonchyna): Rome does not understand Eastern Catholic perspective 2016-03-10
The Orthodox Appeal for recognition of the 1946 lviv ‘synod’ as a sham 2016-03-08
Pope pays tribute to Ukrainian Catholics’ loyalty as hierarchy reaffirms communion 2016-03-08
Ukrainian Greek Catholic bishops to have private audience with pope Francis in Rome 2016-03-05
Ukrainian historian compared the liquidation of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church with the hybrid war waged againts Ukraine today 2016-03-05
"We would like to be the voice of the suffering Ukraine", Patriarch Sviatoslav Shevchuk about the visit to Rome 2016-03-05
Not rivals, but brothers: Russian Orthodox official reflects on recent joint declaration 2016-03-05
Archbishop Sviatoslav: we are more than an ‘ecclesial community’ 2016-03-02
Mob ransacks parish center, clinic in Ethiopia 2016-03-01
Romania: 2 million support constitutional amendment to protect marriage 2016-03-01
The blood of martyrs is the seed of Christian unity, Pope tells Ethiopian patriarch 2016-02-29
Russian patriarch ‘very frustrated’ by Ukrainian Catholic criticism of statement 2016-02-26
Orthodox patriarchs to meet to resolve jurisdictional dispute 2016-02-25
Patriarch Kirill calls on Orthodox, Catholics to oppose de-Christianitization, persecution 2016-02-25
Georgian Orthodox Church rejects ecumenical document for worldwide Orthodox council 2016-02-25
Patriarch Kirill: 'powerful forces' opposed meeting with Pope 2016-02-24
Ukrainian Catholic leader renews criticism of statement by Pope, Russian patriarch 2016-02-24
The bishops of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in the USA Meet With the Ecumenical Patriarch 2016-02-23

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