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Photo: Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I of Constantinople embraces newly enthroned Pope Francis after his inaugural Mass in Rome on March 19, 2013.

Title Created Date
Patriarch Gregorios III: Appeal to Syria’s young people 2015-08-26
The Head of the UGCC: “Those who do not love their Motherland will always be strangers and exiles in this land” 2015-08-26
Priest: Christians share longing for Arab unity 2015-08-25
Islamic State destroys ancient monastery, desecrates saint’s tomb 2015-08-24
Papal appeal for peace in Ukraine 2015-08-24
UGCC is the only Church that preserved continuity of Kyivan tradition, Archbishop Ihor (Isichenko) says 2015-08-22
Prelate: Muslim refugees place future of Lebanon’s Christians in jeopardy 2015-08-22
After 4 decades, church reopens in Turkish-occupied Cyprus 2015-08-22
Vatican newspaper highlights Orthodox prelate’s reflections on marriage 2015-08-22
Egypt: Church spokesman praises, US criticizes new anti-terrorism legislation 2015-08-20
Kidnapped Syrian clergy are released 2015-08-18
Ukrainian Church emphasizes vibrant parishes 2015-08-18
Enthronement of new Armenian Catholic patriarch 2015-08-17
Danbury church destroyed by fire starts new chapter 2015-08-15
Orthodox leaders at odds on topics for proposed Pan-Orthodox Council 2015-08-14
Church in France to pray for persecuted Eastern Christians 2015-08-14
Jerusalem bishop urges pilgrimages to Holy Land 2015-08-14
Increasing fear among Syria’s Christians, says priest 2015-08-14
Soviet influence still haunts Ukraine, cardinal says 2015-08-14
Leading Russian Orthodox official: the ‘kingdom of freedom’ enslaves people 2015-08-13
Ukraine: Catholic, Orthodox leaders speak out against gay pride parade 2015-08-13
South Sudan’s Christian leaders renew plea for peace 2015-08-13
Islamic State releases 22 Christian hostages 2015-08-13
Iraqi archbishop: ‘our vibrant Church life is dissolving before our eyes’ 2015-08-13
Melkite Patriarchate opens cause for beatification and canonization of Boutros Wadih Kassab of Upper Egypt 2015-08-12
Syria: Christians kidnapped, in flight as Islamic State advances 2015-08-11
Bishop slain during Assyrian genocide declared a martyr 2015-08-11
Maronite bishops to lawmakers: elect president or Lebanon may collapse 2015-08-11
Melkite patriarch criticizes Western policies, vows to remain in Syria 2015-08-10
Cardinal Sandri inaugurates Greek Melkite Co-cathedral in Los Angeles 2015-08-09
‘Christ’s love transcends the evil committed by the Islamic State,’ says Iraqi prelate 2015-08-07
Europe should have compassion on Eritrean refugees, say priest, religious 2015-08-07
Video of Divine Liturgy celebrated at the 133rd Supreme Convention of the Knights of Columbus 2015-08-07
Pope Francis laments persecution of Middle East’s Christians 2015-08-07
Syrian, Iraqi prelates charge US discriminates against Christian refugees in visa process 2015-08-07
Iraqi Christian refugees fear Turkish bombing 2015-08-07
Serbian patriarch laments final battle of War of Croatian Independence 2015-08-07
New Armenian Catholic Patriarch was retired before election 2015-08-04
German Protestants deplore destruction of images 2015-07-31
Patriarch, Putin recall 1000th anniversary of St. Vladimir's death 2015-07-31
Patriarch Louis Raphael I Sako: pray for Iraq's Christians on August 7 2015-07-30
Ukraine: Orthodox priest, nun are murder victims 2015-07-30
Protests over detention of Iraqi Christian refugees in San Diego 2015-07-30
President of Ukraine promotes single Orthodox Church 2015-07-29
Patriarch John X of Antioch pleads for peace in Middle East 2015-07-29
New Armenian Catholic patriarch elected 2015-07-27
Prelate reiterates Pope's concern for Iraq's Christians 2015-07-27
Pakistani priest: 130 Christians are now facing blasphemy charges 2015-07-27
Chaldean Patriarch repeats plea for papal visit to Iraq 2015-07-27
Syria: prelate confirms priest's abduction 2015-07-20

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