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Photo: Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I of Constantinople embraces newly enthroned Pope Francis after his inaugural Mass in Rome on March 19, 2013.

Title Created Date
Theme announced for papal trip to Egypt 2017-03-31
Moscow Patriarchate seeks ban on surrogate motherhood 2017-03-30
Egyptian police arrest Copts who protested kidnapping 2017-03-29
Islamic State damaged 12,000 Christian homes in Iraq’s Nineveh region 2017-03-29
Patriarch Kirill praises rural Russian conservatism 2017-03-29
Christ’s restored tomb inaugurated in Jerusalem 2017-03-24
Syria: jihadists advance on Christian city 2017-03-24
Eritrean Catholic bishop visits diaspora, says too many migrants perish 2017-03-22
Archbishop: return to Aleppo 2017-03-21
Chaldean Catholic patriarchate says it cannot supply priests for ‘diaspora’ communities 2017-03-21
Pope Francis to visit Egypt in April 2017-03-21
Icon Blessing in Virginia 2017-03-18
Letter of H.B. Patriarch Gregorios III for Great and Holy Lent 2017 2017-03-17
Knights of Columbus calls on US government to assist persecuted Christians 2017-03-17
The Church That Stalin Couldn’t Kill: Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church Thrives Seventy Years after Forced Reunification 2017-03-16
Pope Francis meets Lebanese president, promises a visit 2017-03-16
Catholic parish in Ankara, Turkey, will host Orthodox liturgies 2017-03-14
Mosul: Chaldean Catholic parish became office for ISIS authorities 2017-03-14
Catholics, Lutherans to mark Reformation March 14 at Pittsbugh Ruthenian Cathedral 2017-03-13
St. Patrick added to Russian Orthodox calendar 2017-03-13
Patriarch Louis Raphael I calls for redrafting of Iraqi constitution 2017-03-10
Prelates call on US, Europe to be more generous to refugees 2017-03-10
The Christians fleeing their homes after ISIS attacks in Egypt 2017-03-09
Ukraine asks UN to assess the situation with freedom of religion and belief in occupied Crimea 2017-03-09
Russia in the Hague accused of terror and discrimination in Crimea and funding terrorism in Donbas 2017-03-09
No news on Indian priest, a year after abduction 2017-03-09
No preferential treatment for persecuted Christians in revised executive order 2017-03-09
Patriarch Ignatius Joseph III: 80% of Syriac Catholics now live outside homeland 2017-03-09
After visit to Avdiyivka, UGCC bishop tells about the daunting daily life of frontline residents 2017-03-06
Egyptian official: jihadists threaten Islam as well as Christianity 2017-03-06
Egypt’s al Sisi says Muslims, Christians should be seen as equal citizens 2017-03-04
Russian Catholics hope for a new springtime for small Byzantine Church 2017-03-03
Archbishop Sviatoslav to Int'l Community: 'Stop war in Ukraine' 2017-03-03
Melkite Holy Synod Issues Press Release 2017-03-02
Christians Erect Giant Cross Outside Mosul to Mark Victory Over ISIS Jihadists 2017-03-02
Patriarch Kirill criticizes search for ‘likes’ on social media 2017-03-02
‘The monk who saves manuscripts from ISIS’ 2017-03-02
Iraq: patriarch blesses giant cross in liberated town 2017-02-28
Melkite Synod reachs agreement, end ‘open rebellion’ 2017-02-27
Hundreds of Copts in flight from Sinai peninsula after murders, threats 2017-02-27
Another Copt murdered; Christians begin to flee Sinai peninsula 2017-02-24
Pro-life cooperation between Orthodox, Catholics in Russia 2017-02-24
Leading Russian Orthodox official laments persecution, says ‘Islamic terrorism’ does not exist 2017-02-23
Coptic Christians murdered, Islamic group vows more attacks in Egypt 2017-02-23
Patriarch calls for Lenten prayer for peace in Iraq 2017-02-23
Vatican calls for adherence to ceasefire in Ukraine 2017-02-22
Egypt: road planned through ancient monastery’s land 2017-02-22
Flames of Faith 2017-02-20
Syrian Orthodox Church weighs special synod to address Patriarch’s gesture of respect for Qu’ran 2017-02-20
Pope prays for victims of violence in Congo, Pakistan, Iraq 2017-02-20

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