Our Lady of Grace Paschal Antimension was specially designed to honor Our Lord Jesus Christ. It was consecrated as a Holy Table for the celebration of the Divine Liturgy of the unbloody Sacrifice of the Body and Blood of Our Lord and GOD Savior Jesus Christ with prayer and anointing with the Holy Myron and the descent of the Most Holy and Divine Spirit.

Each was signed with the concentrating Bishop's name and Eparchy, Church and Date, along with either the First or Second Edition Confirmation. In addition they state, Our Lady of Grace Byzantine Italian-Greek-Albanian Mission, IGCC, 2009 or 2010. Rt. Rev. Dr. Mitered Archimandrite Januarius Izzo, OFM, MA, JCD, Grand Archimandrite of Jerusalem, Administrator.

An Antimension is among the most important furnishings of the Holy Table/Altar in the Eastern Catholic liturgical tradition. It is a rectangular piece of cloth, of either linen or silk that is decorated with representations of the Paschal Sacrifice, the Entombment of Christ or the Four Evangelists, and includes scriptural passages related to the Eucharist. A small relic of a martyr is encased in mastic and is sewn into a pocket within the Antimension. The Eucharist cannot be celebrated without an Antimension.

Western Catholic Priests will use the Antimension as a traveling Altar. For example, Military Clergy will use them in the field to celebrate Mass.

While the Paschal Antimensions are no longer available to purchase, we honor the Holy Table and the traditions of our Catholic faith by keeping the reproduction of this holy image on our web site.