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On December 6, 2008, in the 88th year of earthly life, 31st year of episcopal ministry, and 62nd year of priestly ministry, the Reverend Bishop Ivan (Semedii), Bishop emeritus of the Mukachevo Greek-Catholic Eparchy, passed away. The official web page of the Mukachevo Eparchy reports about it: www.mgce.uz.ua.

Funeral services will take place on December 9, 2008, in Uzhhorod. At 9.30 in the Cathedral of the Cross, the hierarchical funeral will begin. Consequently at 11.00 a memorial Divine Liturgy will take place. After this the body of the deceased Bishop Ivan will be transported to the burial-place in the village of Mala Kopania, Vynohradovo District, Transcarpathia Region.

Short biographical information
Bishop Ivan was born on June 26, 1921, in the village of Mala Kopania, Vinohradovo District, Transcarpathia Region.

In 1942 he finished secondary education in the city of Khust, Transcarpathia. The same year he entered the Uzhhorod Theological Academy. In autumn 1944 he became a volunteer of the Czechoslovakia Liberation Army. He was honorably discharged to continue studies at the Theological Academy, which he finished in 1947.

On July 6, 1947, he received priestly ordination (the ordaining bishop was Bishop Teodor (Romzha). Thus, he was appointed prefect and teacher of the Uzhhorod Theological Academy, simultaneously executing the functions of notary of the eparchial management. 

From February 16, 1949, after the liquidation of the Mukachevo Greek-Catholic Eparchy, up to 1987 he worked in state enterprises and then went on pension.

On August 24, 1978, in the village of Onokivtsi, near Uzhhorod, he received episcopal ordination (the ordaining bishop was Bishop Oleksandr (Khira).
In January 1979, after the death of Apostolic Administrator Mykola (Murani), he became the ruling bishop of the Mukachevo Eparchy. On January 21, 1991, he received confirmation of the plenary powers of eparchial bishop from His Holiness John Paul II.

On January 25, 2003, after the Holy Father accepted his resignation, Bishop Ivan became bishop emeritus.

May his memory be eternal!