OH: Brooklyn

SElias Clev Ext
SElias Clev Int-crop
Metro Area: Cleveland (OH)
St Elias Melkite Greek-Catholic Church
8023 Memphis Ave
Phone: 216-661-1155
Fax: 216-661-3838

Rite: Byzantine
Church sui iuris: Melkite Greek-Catholic
Canonical Jurisdiction(s):
Eparchy: Newton of the Melkites
Cemetery: None


Schedule of Divine Services

Always call ahead to verify times




Sunday Divine Liturgy 10:30am

Mystery of Reconciliation

The Monthly Calendar is available on the Parish Facebook page

Mailing Address: As Above
Served By: Resident Clergy
Sacramental Records: In custody of the parish
Status & Location Changes:
Formed in: 1901, as The Church of the Syrian Catholics, meeting in St Joseph (Latin) Church Chapel, E 23rd & Woodland Ave
Renamed in: 1903, as The Church of the Savior for the Syrian Catholics
Relocated in: 1906, to 2231 E 9th St
Renamed in: 1906, as The Church of St Basil for the Syrian Catholics
Parish erected in: 1906, under the patronage of St Basil
Relocated in: 1908, to 1227 Webster Ave
Renamed in: 1908, and committed to the patronage of St Elias
Relocated in: 1938, to Scranton Rd @ Prame Ave
Relocated in: 1965, to its present site

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Latitude: 41.438811
Longitude: -81.741221
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