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"Historical" entries are those of parishes and missions that are:

  • no longer extant under an identity that they once had (due to mergers or patronal changes, among other reasons); or,
  • no longer located in a place (city, town, etc.) where they were once situated.

For a fuller description of historical entries, including what they are, why they are included, and how to recognize them, see What Are Historical Entries?

Metro Area: Los Angeles (CA)
Patronage of the Mother of God Byzantine (Ruthenian) Church
Historical Entry: Elevated & Renamed
Metro Area: San Francisco - Oakland (CA)
St Macrina Byzantine (Ruthenian) Church
Historical Entry: Canonically Suppressed
Metro Area: San Jose (CA)
St Basil the Great Byzantine (Ruthenian) Church
Historical Entry: Relocated
Metro Area: Bridgeport (CT)
Holy Trinity Byzantine [Hungarian] Church
Historical Entry: Canonically Suppressed
Metro Area: Scranton - Wilkes-Barre - Hazleton (PA)
St John Byzantine (Ruthenian) Chapel
Historical Entry: Suppressed
Metro Area: Morgantown (WV)
St Nicholas Byzantine (Ruthenian) Mission
Historical Entry: Suppressed
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