In their homeland, Eritrean Catholics are canonically organized under three Eparchies which are suffragn jurisdictions of the Ethiopian (Ge'ez) Catholic Metropolia of Addis Abeba 

Entries in this section are cross-listed in that for the Ethiopian (Ge'ez) Catholic Church.

Icon: Abba Saint Justin de Jacobis, CM, Prefect Apostolic of Abyssinia & All Neighbouring Territories, Apostle of Africa, Patron Saint of Abyssinia, & Father of the Native Ge'ez Catholic Presbyterates of Eritrea & Ethiopia

"Abouna Yacoub is our Father. His place is among his children. Here he gave birth to our faith. We love him and he loves us. And the proof of his love is his final wish. He asked to be kept among us and no one may go against the wish of a dying man. He is ours and we are his, and we will hold on to him." 

(Response of the villagers of Hebo in Eritrea to the demands of civil and church authorities that Abba Justin's body be removed to Italy for interment)

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