Blessing of the tomb of Father Serge Keleher( Dublin - Bishop Hlib (Lonchyna), bishop of the eparchy of the Holy Family based in London, visited the faithful of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in Ireland on April 7th, serving the Divine Liturgy in the Church of the Blessed Nicholas Czarnecki of Dublin. Celebrating with the bishop was Father Basil Kornitskyy, pastor of the Church community in Dublin.

After the service the tombstone of Serge Keleher, who for may years provided pastoral care for the faithful in Ireland, was blessed.

According to the Information Department of the UGCC next year's Ukrainian community will celebrate the 15th anniversary of its presence in Ireland. On the occasion of this event is scheduled to release a memorial book.

Link to article: Українські греко-католики готуються відзначити 15-річчя своєї присутності в Ірландії