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Metro Area: Pittsburgh (PA)
St John the Baptist Russian Greek Catholic (Ruthenian) Church
Historical Entry: Renamed & Relocated
Formerly at:
Avella-Atlasburg Rd
Cross Creek Twp
Historical Location - Not A Mailing Address Or Active Location
Rite: Byzantine
Church sui iuris: Byzantine Ruthenian Catholic
Canonical Jurisdiction(s):
Apostolic Exarchate: US, Faithful of the Oriental Rites (Ruthenian)
Cemetery: This former parish had a cemetery

Sacramental Records at:
St John the Baptist Church
176 Cross Creek Rd
PO Box 565
Ph: 724-587-5819 or 304-748-2087
Fax: 304-748-7550

Status & Location Changes:
Formed in: 1916, as Russian Greek Catholic Church of Avella, meeting in Cross Creek Township PA
Relocated in: 1917, from Weigmann's Hall to the Buckeye School, both in Cross Creek Township PA
Relocated in: 1919, to Avella-Atlasburg Rd, Cross Creek Township PA
Renamed in: 1919, as St John the Baptist Russian Greek Catholic Church
Parish erected in: 1919, under the patronage of St John the Baptist
Renamed in: 19XX, as St John the Baptist Byzantine (Ruthenian) Church
Relocated in: 1962, to 176 Cross Creek Rd, Avella PA
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Latitude: 40.2881664
Longitude: -80.3903014
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You were transfigured on the mountain, O Christ God, * showing Your glory to Your Disciples as far as they were able to bear it. * Through the prayers of the Mother of God, * let Your everlasting Light shine also upon us sinners. * O Giver of Light, glory to You! (Troparion, Tone 7)

Glory to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, now and ever, and to the ages of ages. Amen.

Upon the mountain You were transfigured, O Christ God, * and Your Disciples beheld Your glory as far as they could receive it, * so that when they would see You crucified, * they would understand that You suffered willingly; * and they would preach to the world * that You are truly the radiance of the Father. (Kontakion, Tone 7)