CA: San Diego - 6

Metro Area: San Diego (CA)
Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Mission of St Andrew the Apostle
Historical Entry: Renamed & Relocated
Meeting at:
St John the Evangelist (Latin) Church
1638 Polk Ave
San Diego
Historical Location - Not A Mailing Address Or Active Location
Rite: Byzantine
Church sui iuris: Ukrainian Greek-Catholic
Canonical Jurisdiction(s):
Metropolitan Archeparchy: Philadelphia of the Ukrainians
Eparchy: St Nicholas in Chicago of the Ukrainians
Cemetery: None

Sacramental Records at:
St John the Baptizer Church
4400 Palm Ave
La Mesa
Ph: 619-464-8783 or 619-697-5085

Status & Location Changes:
Formed in: 1960, as the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Mission of St Andrew the Apostle
Relocated in: 1961, to meet at St Didacus (Latin) Church, San Diego
Relocated in: 1962, to meet at St John the Evangelist (Latin) Church, San Diego
Renamed in: 1967, as Our Lady of Perpetual Help Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church
Relocated in: 1967, to meet in its own temple at 4014 Winona Ave, San Diego
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This Entry Last Updated: 02/29/2012
Latitude: 32.7529404
Longitude: -117.1473113
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