Vintage Books Now Available

A treasure trove of classic Greek-Catholic prayer books in Church Slavonic (Latin characters) has recently been discovered and Eastern Christian Publications has been invited to sell these “collector items.” The books are in mint condition (brand new still in original cases) and include:

Duchovni Pisni (Slavonic Hymns), Stefan Papp, Presov, 1969, Hymns with music, 200 pages. $40.00 – advance sale $30.00.

Maly Izbornik (A Small Collection Prayers), Nikolai Choma, Uzhorod, 1924, Prayerbook for the faithful, 416 pages. $60 – advance sale $50.00.

Velikij Izbornik (A Large Collection of Prayers), Bishop Paul Gojdich, Presov, 1937, Prayerbook for the clergy, 750 pages. $90 – advance sale $80.00.

Advance orders will ship October 1st. Order now; limited supply.

Context: This edition of the Maly Izbornik is the exact same book that my Grandma Figel bought for $3.00 in the 1920’s. She left it with my father when she died, and who left it to me on his passing. It is well worn since she used it daily, and every week at Sunday Liturgy in church for 70+ years. I considered scanning and making it available as a reprint for the 100th anniversary next year, but now I don’t need to! The Velikij Izbornik was used for Saturday Evening Vespers at St Mary’s in New York City as late the early 1980’s. The Duchovni Pisni was compiled after the Prague Spring of 1968 for the people of Slovakia to restore the hymns of Mukachevo, the mother church.

See more information and sample pages on the ECP website. Place your advance orders here: