17.10.2023 - We ask His Holiness, the Patriarchs, the Cardinals, the Bishops of all Churches and of all nations to issue a statement calling on the whole world - the European Union, the United States and all countries of the world – to work towards the two-state solution in the Holy Land in accordance with the oft-repeated UN resolutions on the Holy Land. We ask you to advocate energetically and by all available means for this international resolution on the two states of Israel and Palestine to be implemented.

Just, universal and lasting peace is the greatest good for all the inhabitants of the Holy Land, which is the land of peace and the homeland of Jesus Christ, the King of Peace. If the Holy Land experiences a war of annihilation, by Palestinians against Israelis and Israelis against Palestinians, as is currently the case, this war will bring destruction to the entire Middle East.

Nations of the world, stand together for peace in the Middle East, which is peace for the Holy Land and for all of us.

Peace, peace, peace is the future for the Middle East and for the whole world.

Patriarch Emeritus Gregorios III